Saturday, September 28, 2013

Playing Catchup Again (Days 18-21)

Well I'm playing catchup again!
I have been kind of down the past

few days
and haven't really wanted to write
so im doing
the days i missed today!

Day 18: Where are you happiest 
Day 19:List 5 blogs you read on a regular basis and why

Day 20: What do you collect?
Day 21: Whats your biggest fear?

This should be an extra long post lol.

Day 18: Where are you the happiest?

I guess I'm the happiest when I'm anywhere
but the town i live in lol!
Dont get me wrong i love
this little town
but sometimes i just like to get away!

Day 19:List 5 blogs you read on a regular basis and why.

I dont read a lot of blogs but i do read these 
every time they write!
Of course i read
Christy's @ Sweet Southern Love
She is one of my favorite blogs to read

Brittany @ Unexpected Surprise
Use to be one i read all
the time but she doesn't
write anymore but i am friends with
her on fb so i still know whats 
going on :)

Some new ones i read are:

Megan @barefoot and blue jean princess
Kristen @Kandid Kristen

I started reading theres because they 
do link ups and i love
to join link ups
and now i just love to 
read there blogs lol

And lastly i read

Rachel @one-way ticket to ONEderland
I randomly found this blog
and im glad i did lol.
She posts a lot of
music and workout ideas
and some random stuff.
I love it lol.

They are all great blogs
and i love to read them all!!

Day 20: What do you collect?

I dont really "collect" anything
but i do have A LOT
of crosses on my wall
as do most people
in the south
(love this cross)

I also have A LOT 
of books.

So i guess you could say i collect
books and crosses.

Day 21: Whats your biggest fear?

My fear as is most peoples is
But that being said 
I love this 
Death is an obvious fear
of most peoples
but i cant think
about it
or i start to panic 

I know im weird! 
Thats fine lol

So tomorrow is Sunday
Day 22
What do you do when you're home all alone?

An easy one!! lol

Until then,