Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well I'm Trying

So i have been trying

for about 6 hours

to upload a video of Drake

At my Nana's


So i guess i will try again

when i get back from Odessa


Monday, August 30, 2010

No One Fear BB's Here

So my very best friend just made a blog!!!

Im Super Excited!!!

And you guessed it

Its called

"No One Fear BB's Here"

Theres a long story behind that lol

Check it out (Here)

She just started

So she don't have many posts


But i cant wait to read about everything!!!

And i hope you read hers also!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chivos New Home

So i have spent a good part of the day getting Chivo moved to his new stalls.. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited that we got him a stall at this place.. He is going to be so much happier and I don't have to worry about who's messing with him because no one messes with anyone else's stuff out there.. I got a little upset today because come to find out someone out where we were keeping him was ridding him bareback and he doesn't need to be ridden with his leg the way it is but like i said i don't have to worry about that anymore.. And speaking of his leg i have a new pic of it and it looks so much better!!!

See how much better it looks
compared to the last pic!!
Since i don't give Drake a passy anymore
except when he sleeps he found his own passy lol

That is a piece of his puzzle
thats over at gammy's

Oh and im super excited
because my new video cam
came in the other day

Isn't it super cute!!
So maybe there will be some more
videos soon!
Also my new cookbook came in
and next Sunday
i'm going to do a new blog
that has to do with my new cookbook...
Just wait and see! lol
It will be cute!

Well I am super tired
and i still have to cook dinner!
I will try to get a video of Drake
and Chivo on here soon!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 2 of Taking Blood :(

Well we made it trough


needle sticking

It wasn't as bad this time

she got it the first stick

but it was sad because he would

lay his head on my chest

and he was red

and crying


But just like yesterday

as soon as we walked out

he was just fine..

And hes taking his morning nap right now


Monday, August 23, 2010

Drakes 1 Year Checkup

So i had an interesting day...

Started with a lollipop

And a Giant drool spot on my jeans lol

And then he didnt want to be held anymore..

He was getting restless

He was happy until

He didnt want to be held anymore


And this is all before

the doctor

even came in!!

And it didn't help that

He didn't have a morning nap!!

Then finally the doctor came in

She said he was doing good

his weight was- 23 pounds 12oz

witch is in the 65%

He is 31 in tall

and in the 75%

and his head is 20 in.

and is in the 95%

And this is the first time

they didn't tell me

he was under wight!!!

I was excited!!



Yeah that is 6 separate shots!!!

He cried with each one

but would stop in between

and look a the nurse

Then she would do another

and he would start again..

Well She finished

and he quit crying..

Poor baby :(

Then we had to go

to the lab

so they could take blood

because our house

was built before 1978.

And i'm guessing

the 2 ladies

that were trying to get the blood

got there license

out of a crackerjack box...

because they tried both arms

and still didn't get it

By the time we left

He was wore out!!

We were at the doctors office

from 1:45 until 4:00!!

But he only slept

for about 10 mins.

but woke up like nothing happened

just as happy as he could be lol

I am not looking forward to tomorrow though

we will see what happens...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Videos Of Chivo

SOOO i am SUPER EXCITED that my videos finally uploaded!!! I will deff. upload more!! And remember to pause the player the the bottom!!

Videos Of Drake

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Evening Post

So i had a really good day and i refuse to let anyone ruin it..

My Friday night kind of stunk

because my stupid phone

wouldn't charge

but i finally got it!!

And i went to bed at like 11:30

Weird for me!!

But today was good

Even though Scott had to work

until like 2

but when he got home

Me, Scott, Drake

Rori, and Hunter

All went to Odessa together..

Not for anything special

Just to get out of town for a little bit

Then when we got back

Me, Scott, and Drake

Went out to see Chivo
(Hes getting FAT!!)

And my aunt Julie

met us out there

and she said he looks really good

and that he may be able to

be ridden in about a month

or so..

I hope so i cant wait!!
(and he needs to exercise lol)

Then i get home and i have

a notice that someone
(im not saying names)

wrote something on my wall

on Facebook

Well i read it and its from a family member

it says:

"you said earlier that you scott drake hunter AND RORI


Well what i really said was

that we were going as a family

because we are..

It just sucks that i cant do anything

with my little family

without people getting mad

because they weren't invited..


I have to spend time with my family too

but im not letting them ruin my Sat.

I simply wrote on my Facebook wall

"Don't worry, ill remember all the times u hurt me, upset me,

and made me cry and ill sit back and thank u for making me so strong"

so im sitting back on my couch

Relaxing while my son and husband

are asleep

because Monday is not going

to be a good day :(

Drake has to get 6 shots

at the doctor :((

But it will make him


And he will get through it

I just hate seeing him hurt!!

So i am loving the

Saturday Evening Post

magazine covers!!

They are so cute!!

What do you think??
So i think thats all for tonight

I hope yall
(those who read my blog)

Like it!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Hair and Apples

So Hunter thought he would help

Fix Drakes hair...

Well see for yourself..

They both thought it was funny..

and it kind of was..

He liked it lol

Ok enough about that

He loves apples

But he likes to eat the red part

before anything else lol

I have been trying to take pics of everything

that goes on here lately

but the pics

turn into videos

and like i said before

for some reason

they wont work on here :(

So i will try again

and see if it works..


So here he is!!!

Well heres his head lol...

He is a 5 year old

sorrel horse..

He got into some barbwire

probably about 6 months ago.

It looks A LOT better

I know it doesn't look that way

but you should have seen it when it happened..

He loves to be brushed


he is getting new hair on his mane

I think thats how you spell it

if not

oh well lol

and this stuff

is his mane and tails

best friend!!

helps get all the tangles out!!

He tried to be sneaky

but its kind of hard to do that

when your a 1,700 pound

horse lol..

He was trying to get in Scotts work truck

Without us seeing

Then he was acting like

"im not doing anything"
Then he thought

he would check out

the back of the truck..
And thats..


I have video of him

and Drake

but for some reason

they wont play on here :(