Ten tiny fingers and Ten tiny toes

Drake LaVon Hill :)

March  09'

July 09'
First picture i ever took of him

August 09'
Sweet baby

September 09'
 Started smiling :)

October 09'

 First Halloween!

November 09'
 Yes he has a Christmas bow on his
head in November lol

December 09'
Santa Clause!!

January 10'
Trying to stand on his own!

February 10'
Loves that bumbo chair!!

March 10'
 Loves daddy's hat (still does lol)

April 10'
 First time at the park!

May 10'
 Mothers day!

June 10'
 Love this picture! lol

July 10'
 Happy Birthday!!!

August 10'
 First haircut!!
and he started walking!!

September 10'
 My favorite picture (so far!)

October 10'
He loves his book!!

Halloween 10'

November 10'
Wearing daddy's hat again..

December 10'
Meeting Santa for the first time!

Christmas 10'
My most favorite Christmas picture!!

January 11'
He loves footsie pj's and camo boots lol

February 11'
I couldn't pick one lol

March 11'
Lol blanket hair and Cheeto face :)

April 11'
Our A/C went out so we bough drake a little pool to cool off in <3

Sorry no pics for May or June
(A/C was still going out and i had to get ready for a special day!!)

Happy 2nd Birthday!!!
He was over all the eating lol

We also went to the Zoo that month
(It was so HOT!!!)
(no pics for August :( Sorry I'm terrible about taking pics now!!! i promise I'm going to get better!!!)

Sep 11'

October 11'
So this is my favorite pic of me and Drake
 He was a pirate for halloween <3

Nov 11'
We made bird feeder.. Well me and my mom did.. Drake just ate the peanut butter lol...

Dec 11'
So much happened in Dec!!
Drake got a new best friend.. Our new saint bernard puppy Thor
 He also started "school" at a local church :)

Check out this post for

Jan 12'
 First time flying a kite

Feb 12'

March 12'
Drake and Thor

April 12'
Went on a safari drive in Dallas :)

May 12'

June 12'
First time fishing :)

July 12'
Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

August 12'

Sep 12'
New carpet in his room :)

Oct 12'
Picture day at "school"

Nov 12'
Thats what he thought about chop sticks lol

Dec 12'
My favorite picture!

Jan 13'
He loves hats lol

Feb 13'
Shortest hair cut hes ever had

March 13'
First monster truck show

Apr 13'
Big boy booster seat

May 13' 
Happy Birthday Rori

June 13'
Sometimes i let him dress himself lol

July 13'
Happy 4th Birthday Drake!

Aug 13'
Soccer :)
Drake and Hurley

First day of School :)