Monday, September 27, 2010

Starting to Smell a lot like Christmas!!!

So i ended up spending 145.80!!

Well worth it though!!
Isn't she CUTE
 Her name is Molly the Monkey!!

She is for Drake and she comes with
this little pouch of smell good
 and it goes in her back and it
will help sooth him
(and i just think its cute! lol)
and she was only $25!!

Then of course i had to get
something Christmas!!
And i just loved this!!

Then i got this new nursery warmer
that is so cute and they 
have 2 more that are super cute!!
but i thought this one
would go more with his room!!

Before the party started!
Aww were so cute!! lol

 Lol yeah i was taking pics of myself
like always
You always have to take at least one pics of yourself!! lol

My Nana's house looked
super cute also!!

(mmm tortilla rolls)

 (MMMMMMMMM sausage balls!!!)
^^ Click here to see the scency site!!^^

These were give aways 
and i was very sad when
i didn't win :( lol

See how could you not spend a lot
when the whole place
just puts you in the mood
for Christmas!!

Oh and i got all new scents to put in
my house
for Christmas!!



Saturday, September 25, 2010

Andro Blogger

Ok so this is going to be a super short post but I'm super excited because I just found this app on my phone that let's me blog!! I really need to go to bed instead of laying here blogging lol.. my fav cousin is having a scency party tomorrow and I'm super excites to go because they have these things now called scency buddies and there for kids and you put these pouches of smell good in the back and it help sooth them and stuff.. also they have super cute nursery ones out that are new and all the new scents!!! aahhh I'm going to spend so much tomorrow lol.. I will def have blog of everything I buy and probably how much I spend lol.. well I guess I'm going to lay down now lol... night readers!!


Be sure to turn off the music

and watch until the end

you will be shocked

but don't worry i'm ok lol



Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who's going to be the cutest monkey???

Drake is!!!
I know it isn't a pic of him
But i want to wait
until Halloween
So i don't spoil it for everyone!!

And since were talking about Drake here
my poor baby
hasn't felt good
for 3 days now :(
(He has a passie because he didnt feel good!!)
Poor baby :(

but i took him to the doctor today 
and they gave him 2 meds
so maybe tomorrow he will
be a little better!!

And i was a proud momma
the other day
Look at the


And i finally got the shadow box
I love it
and i think my grandfather
would appreciate it!

And i saved the best 2 pics
for last!!

So my little niece
was over here
and she was playing
and decided the moose 
needed to be buckled in 
Drakes car seat!
Shes so cute lol

and finally
the best pic ever
(in my eyes)
We were at my grandmothers
and she had a basket of
fake fruit
and he would pick up the green apples 
and throw them behind him
but loved the red ones!!
(i know the apple hes holding isn't red but i got the pic before he could throw it lol)

So funny!!

So tomorrow Chivos
getting shots
So I better get to bed!!


Monday, September 20, 2010

New glasses and Drake being funny!!

So the deal with the glasses are

I can see

I just cant see LOL

What do you think??

I really like them!

But anyways

a few weekends ago

We took my niece 

and Drake to the park

To feed the ducks

Well Drake would rather eat

the bread than give it to

the ducks lol

Hes so funny!!!

Then on the day we gave

my mom her birthday gift

he wanted to talk on the phone

So we called a family friend

and he talked away!!


(and sorry the videos arnt here but for some reason they wont upload!!!)


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Moms Birthday

So my moms Birthday isn't until the 22'nd

But her gift came in today

and Scott couldn't wait lol

So here she is

(Dont forget to turn off the music!!)

I know its a long video

but she was so excited!!

She had no idea lol

There it is..

Her brand new HP.

Theres more videos

I need to put up!!

I promise..

more to come!!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Day Of Firsts!!!

So we had all kinds of firsts today!!

The first first was

(be sure to pause the music before you play the videos!!)

Then he sat and acted like

He was talking on the phone..

So funny!
Then we took Nana to the airport

And we both went to get our hair cut!!

Another first..

his first hair cut!!!

(before his haircut)
(After his haircut!)
I have a video of him getting

his hair cut

but go figure it wont upload!!

But i do have

another video of him

walking around

While i was getting

my hair done

Hope you have a great weekend!!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shadow Box

So i have been following people on here 
who are really creative
and honestly i'm jealous lol
because i'm not that creative lol

So i have been working on
a shadow box
with my grandfathers military papers
and pictures and all
kinds of things in it
Its not done

So what do you think so far?
I think he would like it..