Sunday, August 11, 2013

Soccer and Work

So i am still having hell with my internet but i dont know what else to do about it so here goes trying to write a post!

 I signed Drake up for soccer!!! Im super excited for him to start and his first practice is Monday!! I hope he loves it! He keeps talking about it and he goes out back and kicks his soccer ball and Auggie chases it then he has to get it away from auggie. Its super funny!!

Then Scott has been working nights for about a week or so and i suck at sleeping alone lol.. He comes home in the mornings (sometimes not until 3 or 4 in the afternoon) then has to be back at work at 6 so we dont get a lot of time together because he comes home and sleeps then showers and goes back..

Im starting to get bored without him around.. Of course im use to him being gone during the day but its been a long time since hes worked this much at night!

I need a hobby or something to do that will keep my attention but i get bored with things so easy its hard for me to find something to do.. I mean Drakes keeps me busy but still...

I dont know..