Monday, March 28, 2011

Name suggestions?

So I normally
don't name my cars
because we don't keep
them that long...
but I have done
to my truck..
If i name her 
I have to keep her
(like a puppy lol)
Any suggestions? 


Monday, March 21, 2011


I am so excited
because the
is now

 My brother working on getting the caret in
 When we bought it the guy didn't tell us
it had a pattern but its not that bad
 picking up the extra
 Scott kicking in the carpet
 Hunter got wore out lol
 yay all of the toys
 It doesn't look like a lot but it is
 Drakes little rug
 toy organizer (LOVE IT)
 the little table (also a lego table), the toy box,
and drakes favorite music table
 Drake and Rori both trying to ride the rocking horse lol
 Rori gave up lol
 and decided to play basketball

 Drake wanted to play to
 Yay he made it

 Drake and his most favorite car

Im so excited that its done!!!
Then Drake went into his room
and got his blanket and ran
around with it on his head..
LOL i love it!!

We have been painting the outside
of the house to but i forgot to take before pictures
but i will post after pictures when we get it all done