About Sumer

So my name is
Sumer Hill
HI :)

I am a wife
Me and my husband
started dating in
April 2005
and got married in 2008

That next year 
we had our son
Making me a stay
at home

We have 
3 dogs
Shotzi who was born and we got in 2005
Auggie who was born and we got 2007
Now Hurley
Who i believe 
was born early 2012
and we got him
a few months ago

We also
have a cat
her name isnt Duke
her name is Yuki 
but when she was little she
was kind of ugly
so everyone called her
Yuki dookie
(however you spell it)
and i started calling her
and it has just
She was born and we got her in 2009.

My blog is
all over the place
i dont really blog about
just one thing.

I blog about my family,
about something new i bought,
about something i read,
I guess my blog is
just random thoughts.

I love to write
things out
and i love to blog.

I hope you enjoy reading it