Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year!!

When you live in West Texas it isn't often you have a 
white christmas :)
 These are Drakes, Scotts, and mine
but i kind of went crazy buying stuff and so i had
to use all 3 lol
Here is our tree..
There may not be very many gifts under it
but his big gift was waiting!! 
 Every Christmas no matter what 
we always have breakfast at my grandmothers
house :)
 After breakfast we opened
presents over there
(Drake and Rori)
 My Nana got him a little lunch box
with his name on it!!
I love it!!
 Then papa and gammie got him a big cat toy!!
 and i giant giraffe chair
 He wants to carry it everywhere! lol
 He loved his toy...
 Until he saw what we did to his playroom
then i got a mid air car chunk lol
 Everyone was in his new room 
and his daddy opened the door and he went straight for his dresser...
 Then he saw all his cars were were in that thing!!
 Then he saw Buzz and Woodie on his bed!!
There was just so much to look at he didn't know what to do lol
 Here is the dresser he ran to lol
 Night night he would say lol

He has slept in his bed every night since Christmas!!
Im proud he took it so well!

We had a wonderful Christmas but I'm sure glad its over!! Lol

I am also making some homemade strawberry and peach preserves!!
I will write about them when i get them done.. 

Also tomorrow i am going to tell you about my new years 
resolutions and goals :)

Until then <3