Thursday, October 10, 2013


Not hump day thank goodness lol

So i was watching the Today show
and they did a throw back of old theme songs
from TV shows they liked
when they were younger.

I dont do a lot of TBT
and i loved that idea
so instead of theme songs
 im going to post
a few old TV shows
i liked when i was young!

So of course

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Boy Meets World

The Andy Griffith Show

Saved By the Bell
(not the opening theme but its what i could find)

Happy Days

The list could go on and on!!!
Of course i watched cartoons
also but these were my favorites.
And i love that some of the cartoons
i use to watch my son
watches today!!

Well that was a fun post lol!
I am glad tomorrow is friday
even though the husband
is still working and
this weekend will probably
be uneventful 
but I'm still
glad its the weekend lol.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


So i failed
my blog challenge 

But I did
love doing it
and answering 
the questions

So i think
im going to 
start doing some more
link ups
and if 
there aren't any
i will just write
about something random.

Maybe random questions.

I will have to look some stuff up!

I have been busy though

I went out and bought
a sewing machine
and have been
teaching myself to
(this is what i bought)

I have made a little
bag and an apron!
There super cute!

The apron was super
east to make.
The lady at the
store called it a 
"cheater apron"
because all you have to do 
is cut out the
pieces and sew them on.
And the instructions
were super easy to follow!
( this is it :) )

Yesterday I bought a pattern 
to sew a large
and the fabric i bought
for the outside
is blue with large yellow circles
and blue with small
yellow dots
for the inside
is going to be super colorful
and completely different
from the outside!
(this is what the picture looks like but it will be with the blue fabric i picked)

I think its going to be cute!
Im going to use it for my 
other sewing stuff.
Like for my cross stitching 

If it comes out cute
i will post a pic!

Im excited to learn to
do all kinds of things
with it.
And i have been
pinning things
on Pinterest 
like crazy lol.
(oh man i love Pinterest lol)

I know i always
say i'm going to
do better 
writing on here
and i really do try
so with working on
sewing and 
doing link ups
i think i will
do better now.

I will write tomorrow
or maybe tonight
depending on how
much i get done 
on my bag!

Until then,

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

100th post!!! Days 22-24

Lol i know 100 posts isnt a big deal to some people
but its exciting to me lol..

Im doing 3 days again today!

Day 22: What do you do when you're home all alone?

Day 23: Do you have a hobby?
Day 24: Describe your most embarrassing moment

Day 22:
So what is it that i do when
im home all day
by myself?

Well I'm only home alone on
 Tuesdays and Thursdays
so when Drakes
at school
I do things around the house
that i cant get done
while Drakes home.
you know all the exciting things lol.

Do i have a hobby?
I dont have a lot of time for a hobby
sometimes i sew needle point 
and as you know 
i play my games
but other than that..

Day 24:
And lastly my least favorite 
Day 24: Describe your most embarrassing moment...
I have had 
of embarrassing moments
but i think
this one stuck 
with me because i 
was just a freshmen
in high school when 
it happened.
Its not a very long story

I was in my computer class
and it was snowing 
(im sure you can guess what happens)
well when i walked out of class
i slipped and busted my butt hard!
well luckily my
best friend was right behind me
and he picked me up
but it was still embarrassing
and it felt like 
at school saw me.
(probably just in my head lol)
(me lol)

Well those are my latest 3 days

I know im suppose to do this
everyday but
life gets in the way
and i go days
without even
opening my computer!

I cant believe its October
I spent all day today
while drake was at school
putting out my
fall/Halloween stuff!
So excited!!

Well if nothing happens
tomorrow it was be day

Day 25: Describe your location?
Does that mean my 
house or town? 

I guess i will pick one and write about it!

Until then,