Thursday, October 10, 2013


Not hump day thank goodness lol

So i was watching the Today show
and they did a throw back of old theme songs
from TV shows they liked
when they were younger.

I dont do a lot of TBT
and i loved that idea
so instead of theme songs
 im going to post
a few old TV shows
i liked when i was young!

So of course

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Boy Meets World

The Andy Griffith Show

Saved By the Bell
(not the opening theme but its what i could find)

Happy Days

The list could go on and on!!!
Of course i watched cartoons
also but these were my favorites.
And i love that some of the cartoons
i use to watch my son
watches today!!

Well that was a fun post lol!
I am glad tomorrow is friday
even though the husband
is still working and
this weekend will probably
be uneventful 
but I'm still
glad its the weekend lol.