Monday, September 27, 2010

Starting to Smell a lot like Christmas!!!

So i ended up spending 145.80!!

Well worth it though!!
Isn't she CUTE
 Her name is Molly the Monkey!!

She is for Drake and she comes with
this little pouch of smell good
 and it goes in her back and it
will help sooth him
(and i just think its cute! lol)
and she was only $25!!

Then of course i had to get
something Christmas!!
And i just loved this!!

Then i got this new nursery warmer
that is so cute and they 
have 2 more that are super cute!!
but i thought this one
would go more with his room!!

Before the party started!
Aww were so cute!! lol

 Lol yeah i was taking pics of myself
like always
You always have to take at least one pics of yourself!! lol

My Nana's house looked
super cute also!!

(mmm tortilla rolls)

 (MMMMMMMMM sausage balls!!!)
^^ Click here to see the scency site!!^^

These were give aways 
and i was very sad when
i didn't win :( lol

See how could you not spend a lot
when the whole place
just puts you in the mood
for Christmas!!

Oh and i got all new scents to put in
my house
for Christmas!!