Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Evening Post

So i had a really good day and i refuse to let anyone ruin it..

My Friday night kind of stunk

because my stupid phone

wouldn't charge

but i finally got it!!

And i went to bed at like 11:30

Weird for me!!

But today was good

Even though Scott had to work

until like 2

but when he got home

Me, Scott, Drake

Rori, and Hunter

All went to Odessa together..

Not for anything special

Just to get out of town for a little bit

Then when we got back

Me, Scott, and Drake

Went out to see Chivo
(Hes getting FAT!!)

And my aunt Julie

met us out there

and she said he looks really good

and that he may be able to

be ridden in about a month

or so..

I hope so i cant wait!!
(and he needs to exercise lol)

Then i get home and i have

a notice that someone
(im not saying names)

wrote something on my wall

on Facebook

Well i read it and its from a family member

it says:

"you said earlier that you scott drake hunter AND RORI


Well what i really said was

that we were going as a family

because we are..

It just sucks that i cant do anything

with my little family

without people getting mad

because they weren't invited..


I have to spend time with my family too

but im not letting them ruin my Sat.

I simply wrote on my Facebook wall

"Don't worry, ill remember all the times u hurt me, upset me,

and made me cry and ill sit back and thank u for making me so strong"

so im sitting back on my couch

Relaxing while my son and husband

are asleep

because Monday is not going

to be a good day :(

Drake has to get 6 shots

at the doctor :((

But it will make him


And he will get through it

I just hate seeing him hurt!!

So i am loving the

Saturday Evening Post

magazine covers!!

They are so cute!!

What do you think??
So i think thats all for tonight

I hope yall
(those who read my blog)

Like it!!