Friday, August 6, 2010


Ok so i colored my hair.. I Really like it and i was just tired of the same old same colors so i went with the red and im so glad i did lol

Also i mentioned my horse in my last post and here are a couple of pics but there not that great of pics lol.. In the second one his eyes half closed lol.. i will get better pics i promise lol..

I also mentioned my charity in my last post.. I got a new tattoo.. "love" on my wrist.. I just healed and i LOVE it lol..

AND FINALLY I GOT THE PLAYROOM ALMOST FINISHED!!! all i have left is the 7 dwarfs.. I even got the soldiers put up all over the playroom so when i finish the 7 dwarfs we can put carpet in and it will be done!!! CANT WAIT!! and this is why... A few days ago I TRIPPED OVER DRAKES ROBOT DINOSAUR HE GOT FOR HIS BIRTHDAY DAY AND TOOK OUT THE SHELF ON MY ENTERTAINMENT CENTER ALONG WITH THE PICS THAT WERE ON IT... AND WHEN I SAY I TOOK OUT THE SELF I MEAN I WAS INSIDE OF THE ENTERTAINMENT CENTER LOL