Monday, August 23, 2010

Drakes 1 Year Checkup

So i had an interesting day...

Started with a lollipop

And a Giant drool spot on my jeans lol

And then he didnt want to be held anymore..

He was getting restless

He was happy until

He didnt want to be held anymore


And this is all before

the doctor

even came in!!

And it didn't help that

He didn't have a morning nap!!

Then finally the doctor came in

She said he was doing good

his weight was- 23 pounds 12oz

witch is in the 65%

He is 31 in tall

and in the 75%

and his head is 20 in.

and is in the 95%

And this is the first time

they didn't tell me

he was under wight!!!

I was excited!!



Yeah that is 6 separate shots!!!

He cried with each one

but would stop in between

and look a the nurse

Then she would do another

and he would start again..

Well She finished

and he quit crying..

Poor baby :(

Then we had to go

to the lab

so they could take blood

because our house

was built before 1978.

And i'm guessing

the 2 ladies

that were trying to get the blood

got there license

out of a crackerjack box...

because they tried both arms

and still didn't get it

By the time we left

He was wore out!!

We were at the doctors office

from 1:45 until 4:00!!

But he only slept

for about 10 mins.

but woke up like nothing happened

just as happy as he could be lol

I am not looking forward to tomorrow though

we will see what happens...