Monday, August 16, 2010


So how cute are these!!! Guess what they are!!
ok so im not going to keep you in suspense.. lol
There USB drives!!!
ok im a dork but i think there cute!!
And how cute is he LOL
Thats his Myspace face lol
I love it when i have help cleaning lol
I made him a deal..
If he swept i would mop!!
(he swept and moped)
just kidding lol
So i promised i was going to write more on here and i have come to realize I'M BORING! lol.. I don't have anything to write about.. All i do is sleep and at 2:00 i got to Sonic then i come home and i watch TV and take care of Drake (and he is laughing at me right now)!! :( How did i get so boring?? SOMEONE HELP ME!!! LOL