Friday, August 20, 2010


So here he is!!!

Well heres his head lol...

He is a 5 year old

sorrel horse..

He got into some barbwire

probably about 6 months ago.

It looks A LOT better

I know it doesn't look that way

but you should have seen it when it happened..

He loves to be brushed


he is getting new hair on his mane

I think thats how you spell it

if not

oh well lol

and this stuff

is his mane and tails

best friend!!

helps get all the tangles out!!

He tried to be sneaky

but its kind of hard to do that

when your a 1,700 pound

horse lol..

He was trying to get in Scotts work truck

Without us seeing

Then he was acting like

"im not doing anything"
Then he thought

he would check out

the back of the truck..
And thats..


I have video of him

and Drake

but for some reason

they wont play on here :(