Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 13: Do you have regrets?

Ah yes regrets.. 
We all have them..

Thank goodness I dont have any regrets 
about things that I HAVE done
because i feel like 
what i have done in
the past
makes who i am
So my regrets are more
along the lines
of what 
I DIDN'T do...
And i have 2..

I regret not trying
harder to get into
college when
i finally
high school.
I did go and check out
a local college
but i had a baby
and a hard working
husband and so
i didn't 
try as hard
as someone else
would have.

I still have a 
hard working husband
but my baby isn't
much of a baby anymore.

I regret not
losing the baby
weight as soon
as i had Drake.

I am trying now
so we will
see how it goes

i feel like it would
have been easier
as soon as i had him.

So those are
my regrets.

They are regrets
that can still be changed
and i am working on
the second one
so maybe 
one day i will
only have one

Or none..

So tomorrow is
Day 14!!

Day 14: Whats on your iPod?

Im going to like day 14

Until then,