Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 4: Best Childhood Memory

So if I start
Day 4 at 11:52 
and don't finish until
does is still count as
day 4?

Im going to say yes lol.. 

So day 4 is my best childhood memory.

For some reason i don't remember
a lot from my childhood
but i do have one memory
i will never forget!!

It was probably my
8th birthday
when i opened all my presents
every one of the cards
had money in it
and then 
my Nana and Dad-Dad
gave me money also.

The Saturday 
after my birthday
Nana and Dad-Dad
came and picked me up
and took me to Midland
to Target
I had a little 
shopping spree.

Now let me say this
about my Dad-Dad.
He was NOT a 
shopper at all!!

He let me pick out everything
i wanted to try on
and me and Nana took everything
to the dressing room 
and Dad-Dad
stood outside the door
and waited
for me to tell him
if I needed something

I tired on probably
everything in
And if something didn't fit
I would give
it to Dad-Dad
and he would go find 
me the right size.

Mostly i remember a little
and i don't remember a whole lot 
about it but i do
it had a 
puppy face on the
I also want to say the pants 
were purple 
but Nana doesn't think so
because who would put purple pants
with a dalmatian 

I told her 
We are talking about the
90's here.

I got several outfits
that day
Nana remembers 
I got a little
pink purse.

After our shopping spree
Dad-Dad was

So they let
me pick where 
we were going to eat
since it was my birthday
after my birthday.
And I picked

Which is funny now
im not the biggest 
fan of Rosas.
Nana says 
She things i picked
to eat there because
I knew Dad-Dad liked it.
On the way home
Dad-Dad told me
to try and get some sleep
and i told him i wasn't tired
so he told me
to count the cars
in the other lane
I counted cars
all the way home.

Over all it was
the best
birthday after my birthday
I ever had!

will be/is
Day 5: Favorite movie you never get sick of watching.

Until then,