Saturday, September 21, 2013

Day 14: Whats on your iPod?

So i know its past
so technically 
its day 15
but i haven't
been to sleep yet
and i just got home
so i feel like
its still day
14 lol.

the question of the day is
Whats on your iPod..

Well i just did a music post yesterday
and my iPod is like one
of the first ones
so im going to post 
a few videos of songs
i listen to the most 
off my phone 

I really like Lee Brice 
but these 2 are my favorite.

Lee Brice-A Woman like you.

Lee Brice- That Way Again.

Some more country lol

Ashley Monroe- You Got Me

Miranda Lambert- Mama's Broken Heart

Kacey Musgraves- Follow Your Arrow

I listen to all kinds of music.
This is what I call my
cleaning music

Egypt Central- White Rabbit

10 years- Beautiful

Seether ft. Amy Lee- Broken


Staind- Zoe Jane

I also listen to 
of older music

The Supremes- Baby Love

Etta James- All I Could Do Was Cry

Etta James- At Last

Frankie Vallie and The Four Seasons- Cant Take My Eyes Off You

Frank Sinatra- Strangers in the Night

Then theres always that one
song that can
describe you.
No matter how 
old the song is 

Matchbox Twenty- Unwell

So yeah there is some more
music i listen to.

Tomorrow is day 15!!

Day 15: List 10 things that make you awesome

Thats going to be
an easy one

Until then,