Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 9: What on your life list/bucket list? Day 10: Daily Routine

So here is 
day 9 and 10.

Day 9 is
Whats on your life list/bucket list

Honestly i dont have
a bucket list.

I haven't ever
thought about it.

Im only 23
so its not something
i think about yet.

Maybe when i get older
i will think about 
it more.

Or i will be
perfectly content 
with my life
and wont need a list.

Day 10: Daily Routine.
My days are never the same
from one day to the next

So i will write about my Tuesdays
and Thursdays.

I wake up between 
7 and 7:15

and try to wake Drake up
as soon as i get up
sometimes he gets
up right away
So after i wake up i make Drakes lunch
and make hime
and get him dressed.

Then at 7:55
we head to 

I take Drake in
and give him a 
hug and kiss
and leave.
Most of the time after
i leave Drake
i go up to 
and visit with
Christy and Nana for a while.
Then i come home 
around 9:30 
or 10
and start

I clean 
and clean 
and clean..
Usually until its time to get Drake
from school.

Then we come home
until 6:30
and then its time for soccer practice.
that lasts until 7:30
After Soccer I come
home and cook
give Drake his bath
and he goes and
plays in his room

Until time for bed.
Then i be lazy and do nothing
until i go to bed lol.

So thats
my day.

(or maybe later today)
is day 11!

Day 11: The Last Book you Read

Im so excited about this one!!!

Until then,