Saturday, September 7, 2013

Day 1: Self portrait and 5 random facts about yourself

YAY its time to start my 31 day challenge!!! 
So day 1 is
Self portrait and 5 random facts about yourself

Heres my self portrait(s) :)

August 31 2013
July 12 2013
I chose to post 2 pictures because
 I'm a natural blonde (obviously not in that picture)
I just colored my hair red (and i love it)
so i thought
I would show both :)

My 5 Random facts about myself are:

1: Im kind of a nerd.. 
yeah not that kind of nerd lol.
I'm the kind of nerd who loves to read,
plays video games,
can have nerd friends
and fit right in with them :)

2:I shoot a bow.
Mine looks a lot like this one.
Im getting really good at it and plan
on going deer hunting this
and I'm super excited about it lol

3: I over think EVERYTHING!
Yeah no matter what is said to me
 or what i say to someone else
im going to keep thinking
about it and thinking what i could
have said or 
should have said instead.

4: I love animals.
I see animals not as
but as beings with 
a soul
who look at you like you
are there world
who need you
and can only give 
there love in return 
for what you do for them
who love you no matter
how they are treated.
Animals are more forgiving than 
any human
will ever be.

and lastly

5: Theres nothing in this world
wouldn't do
for my Nana!

And there are 5 random facts about myself! 

Tomorrow is day 2
and will be
My favorite quote!

Im going to like that one!

Until then,