Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday Stealing


 First of all, is autumn your favorite season? Why or why not?
YES! I love the fall!!! I love the falling leaves, the holidays, the cool weather.
Just everything!!

Is it ‘autumn’ or ‘fall’, to you?

What kind of weather does your area get during this season? 
Normally its still hot but i think this year we may have a good fall!

Were you born in an autumn month? 
Yes in November

Do you pay attention to any ‘fall fashions’?
Im not a fashion person lol

Which leaf color is your favorite?
i love them all lol 

Is it still fun to rake the leaves and jump in piles of them? 
Of course!!

When can you really tell that it’s autumn? 
Around here probably right before it snows lol

Do you enjoy carving pumpkins?
Yes but i think I'm going to try and paint them this year 

Do you eat the pumpkin seeds? If so, do you put any kind of flavoring on it?
No! lol

Are you planning to go to a pumpkin patch this year? 
I havent ever been to one. I wouldn't know where to go or
if we have them around here

Which was your favorite Halloween costume to wear?
A witch! I had the best costume 

Are you planning to go trick-or-treating? Why or why not?
Yes! I have to take Drake!! lol

Are there any county fairs or festivals held nearby during this time?
Haunted Houses!

What is your favorite dessert for this time of year? 
Pumpkin Pie!! YUMM!!

Is your Thanksgiving Day in October or November, if you even celebrate it?

If you do celebrate it, where do you usually have Thanksgiving dinner? 
At my grandmothers house

Do you remember any crafts you used to do that were autumn-themed?
hand turkeys lol 

Are any of your favorite bands doing a fall tour this year? 
Not that i know of :(

Which new TV show are you looking forward to this season? 
Not any new ones coming on but some ones i have been watching are coming back on with a new season. Mostly excited about new Greys Anatomy 

How does autumn typically make you feel? 
i love the fall! It makes me feel all warm and happy inside when it gets this time of year lol

What color do you always associate with autumn? 
well orange of course (
hints to font color) and reds and browns!

Is there a song that always reminds you of this season?
Not one that comes to mind 

Do you have any seasonal traditions? 
None other than the usual.. 
We do make 
bird feeders out of pine cones around this time of year

Do you spend a lot of time outside during this time of the year? 
Yes.. After having hot summers 
its so nice to sit out in the evening and enjoy the weather!

How can you tell that fall is over? 
Weather changes like crazy here so it can hot one day
then snowing the next lol

What is a typical autumn outfit that you wear?
Not any outfit but i do wear a lot of boots in the fall and winter

Describe a perfect autumn day: 
a cool day leaves falling just a small breeze. That would be great! 

Do you hate it when stores start promoting Christmas early?
LOL sometimes. I dont like when they have christmas in July
but here lately i have liked it more and more.
I think having my son has helped put me in the Christmas spirit lol 

What is your favorite thing about this season?
The cool weather!!