Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day 5: Favorite movie(s) you never get sick of watching

So im the kind of 
person who
watch a movie
more than

And i will not
watch a movie
on tv if it has
already started.
Even if its only like
10 mins
into it

But with that being said
I do have 
a very few movies
I can watch 
over and over.

I didn't even mean to watch
this movie.
It was on TV one night
once i started
watching it
i couldn't stop lol

 So since i watched
A Bronx Tale
and loved it
everyone kept telling me
i needed to watch GoodFellas
So i recorded it 
and it took me a while
to watch it
but once again
once i started
i couldn't stop

 Everyone has there favorite
Disney movie
they can watch
over and over

 Who doesn't
love this movie?

 This is one of
my brothers
favorite movies
and i have seen it so 
many times it has become
one of my favorites to!
I watched this movie
when i was younger
and loved it
the first time
I watched it.

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner"
thats all that needs to be said.


is one of my favorite movies
i mean who doesn't want to watch 
Gerard Butler
in very little
(I have other reason i like this movie
but thats a good one)

Then there is
1 & 2!
I can watch both of 
these movies
again and again
(and i have)
and never ever
get sick of them!!

Those are the few 
movies i can 
over and over and over...
and never get sick of!

So tomorrow is 
Day 6: Your last random act of kindness.

I will have to think
about this one.

Until then,