Monday, May 3, 2010

Hunter getting lost

Hunter went to pick up a car in Kansas the other day.. i talked to him all day when he went up here and i told him i would cal him when i woke up the next day.. That next day I tried to call him.. and call... and call.. you get the picture.. well he wouldn't answer so i started calling EVERYONE to see if he had talked to anyone.. He had only talked to someone that morning.. Thats when my mind started racing.. was he in jail? did he have a wreck? all day i worried!! i was so scared something had happened and no one had any idea where in Oklahoma he was.. So i started calling and calling and had everyone in the family calling.. No one could get a hold of him.. Well at about 11:00 that night Megan called me and told me he was in Amarillo and he would be home at 2:00 or so.. At 4:00 he showed up and i opened the door and i asked him what happened to his phone and he told me it just crashed.. Thats when i gave him a little history lesson i told him "in 1889 a British man named William Gray invented this thing called the pay phone and that he should give it a try sometime LOL... And thats that story..