Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I went to talk to UTPB today and i got all my papers.. I had to go to the high school first to get my transcript so i woke up at 7:00 so i could be ready by 8... Well i didnt get dont getting ready until 9 lol..
Don't worry my hair looked super cute though^^^^^ lol
So i went up to the high school and i went into the office and told them i needed my transcript and they asked my name.. I told them Sumer Hill and they asked did you use to be Sumer Emfinger.. i was like yes ma'am lol.. They remembered me and had my file already out.. In my permanent file they had my elementary school pics!! i was so cute lol..
Anyways.. So i went to Odessa and i walked into a building and already i was lost.. so i waited until i saw someone who looked like a teacher and asked them where to go and she was really nice and took me to the financial aid and the place to get the papers for grants.. They wernt so nice in those offices so i went across the hall and talked to a really nice lady and asked her if she could see if smeone had time to give a tour.. She called and a girl came down and walked around with me and showed me EVERYWHERE!!
I really like the school.. I have the papers done and i need to take them back.. Hope i get in!