Saturday, May 15, 2010

Scentsy Party

So my party was so great!! I really did not expect that many people to show up but I'm so glad they did.. So this was my day.. I woke up at 6:30 a.m to go up to the hospital to be with Hunter before he had his surgery.. They took him at 7:30 but the doctor didn't get there until 8:30 so they got done with him at like 9:30 or 10ish.. Well i was going to go home and take a nap but my phone wouldn't quit ringing and then Scott got home with Drake and we had to go back to Odessa and pick up the dogs from the groomers.. So that took until 2 or so then i went and picked up my mom and we were going to go see if Hunter was awake then i was going to go to the store to get my veggies for the party.. WELL we stayed at the hospital a while and the doctor came in and looked at Hunter and said he could go home and we told Hunter we were going to go to the store and we would be back and when we passed the nurses station she said she was about to take his iv out and he could leave SO we waited for him and took all of his stuff down and we left the hospital.. THEN Hunter wanted to go to the Ford House to get his paycheck (let me tell you I'm in my pj's) so i went in and got his check ( oh and my pj's are black with white dots) and we had to wait for him to talk to someone.. THEN we took Hunter home and he was hungry so i made him some soup and made sure he was OK.. By now it was already 5:00.. So i finally got to the store and got my veggies (still in my pj's), checked out and got in my car.. THEN i remembered i needed sour cream for the dip... SO i had to go back into the store and get sour cream.. I took my mom and dropped her off at her house and went home.. 5:30 Christy got here to start setting up and i went to pick up B from her house.. WELL i went over to her house on SW 3rd and i call and tell her I'm there and she says OK that she would be out there in a Min and I'm waiting and waiting an she calls and tells me shes over at her moms house over on Bronstad right down the street from my house.. SO i drive all the way back over there and get her.. I get home and now its 6:00 and I still haven't even gotten a shower and I'm STILL in my pj's. So i get in the shower (fastest shower i have ever taken) and get out and do my makeup real quick and while my hair was in a towel i went and washed the veggies and let them dry while i went and dyed my hair then BB put it in a bump for me and it looked SUPER cute and i got the veggies cut and put on the tray and set out JUST IN TIME.. My Nana and aunt Julie were the first to show up then everyone got here and I had SUCH a good time.. And Monday I get to order all of my stuff and I'm SUPER excited!! And that was my day and my feet hurt!! LOL