Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scott's tooth, and Hunters eye

Well my day started early.. I cant even tell you how tired i am.. My alarm went off at 6:00 but you know me i didn't get up until 6:20 lol.. Got ready and got Drake ready by 7:00 and headed to midland for Scott to get his tooth pulled.. We waited longer in the waiting room than it took to pull the tooth.. He was only back there for like 10 mins.. I paid and they told me to go to the side and wait on him so i did and it seemed like forever until he came out.. Well i thought he would just sleep on the way home but he was very.. we will call it verbal.. Well he had some meds. to be filled and i dropped them off at wal-mart and they told me it would be 30 mins so we drove around for 30 mins and i went back and they weren't filled so i was like I'm taking him home so i drove all the way to Andrews just to turn around and go back to midland.. My mom stayed with Scott and Drake.. I thought Drake would fall asleep when we got home but he was awake the whole time i was gone and when i finally got Scott to go lay down he was out and didn't wake up until probably 4:30 this afternoon.. Completely sober thank goodness lol

Well while Scott was asleep Hunter called me and told me he had to go to the doc because a bee stung him in the eye.. I didn't think it was that bad but he got home and his eye was just about all the way closed.. He said it was way better than it was.. He also said at the docs office they all looked at him like he was a freak.. I felt bad for him then he went and mowed yards so i figured he didn't feel that bad.. Well Glee's on and i have to watch the Madonna episode..