Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dr. Pepper

If any of y'all know me
you know i 
Dr. Pepper!!
Oh my friend :)

Well I had to give
my friend up...
Not so much had to
wanted to..
I need to lose weight
and i read online 
i can lose
1lb every 3 days..
Thats good enough for me!!!

I know when my brother quit drinking cokes
he lost a lot of weight!!
It has been 2 days!

Yesterday was good i didn't even want one
i drank water and cranberry juice
all day..

Today has been a little harder
(i know that sounds ridiculous but..)
I woke up with a head ache
and i figured it was from
not having any caffeine
So today i have been drinking

I feel good right now!
and i am going to keep going

Wish me luck! :)