Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Fish and Drake Learning

So i didn't have a good day
on Monday..
It started at 2:00 AM..
We had a 75 gallon
aquarium with 
koi in it
Well our biggest koi passed away
and so we moved my favorite fish
Boodah (a goldfish)
to a different tank
because the water was bad in the big tank..
Well he went into shock
and he made it through the night
and luckily Scott got off work
super early
and we ran to pet smart
and got some stuff to 
get him out of shock..
Well when we got home he hadn't made it

Well we had a new tank all set up and no fish
to put in it..
My husband knew how much
i loved my goldfish
so he got me
a baby goldfish
and some flowers
Excuse the spotted glass lol
I hadn't cleaned it yet
 I still haven't named him.. Any suggestions?
Then Drake
was trying to
get out of his playpen
Lol he really wanted
that truck!!

Then he leaned to put money
in his piggy bank
I love watching him