Saturday, November 13, 2010

Concealed Handgun License and More :)

So i got up this morning at 
Yes thats when my 
concealed handgun license class
and it didn't end until almost 7pm!!
But honestly i had a lot of fun
my husband,brother, and one of out friends
all went
and we were laughing the whole time..
Then when we went out to the
shooting range
i got a little nervous..
but i don't think i did bad..

Lol i said the three around the head were my warning shots lol
 Body shots
 The whole thing

Then we took the written test
and i only missed
3 out of 50 :)

Now i have to go get my finger prints taken
and 2 passport photos
for the actual card..
Oh and send in my paper work lol
cant forget that..

Now on to bigger things..

New tv and entertainment center
Pretty isnt it!!

last but not least
Drake playing with daddy's hat!

I have had a GREAT weekend
and i still have another day!!