Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hello Kitty!!

I received my things from today!!
I am so excited to show everyone what great
items they have!!!
As you know i bought...
A Hello Kitty bag
The matching wallet
A Hello Kitty iPad case
and last
Hello kitty earrings!!!

When i opened the box that is the first thing i saw!!
They shipped my pink bag inside of another bag!!
I love it!!
Under the bag was my iPad case and wallet
Under my wallet... 
Here is the bad out of its bag!!!
Isn't It cute!!!!
This was listed as a small bag but it is much larger than i expected
and it does have some weight to it even empty!!
 On the bottom of the handles it has these really cute
Hello Kitty metal pieces 
 Also on the handle it has this really cute hello kitty
It wraps around the handle and buckles so you have
the option to take it off if you don't like it!!
 The inside is black and pink (of course) 
The inside material is made so if something gets spilled 
It feels like its easy to clean!!
I carry several perfumes and one is glass so hopefully
if it ever breaks it will be easy to clean up!!
 On the other side it has 2 pockets
One i feel like is for a cell phone and the other 
for anything else.. the second pocket is a little bigger.. 
It is also big enough on the inside i can fit my iPad in it!!
LOVE that!!
Next the wallet!!
It matches the bag perfect!!
 On the inside it has Hello Kitty sewn under the card holder..
It has a lot of slots for your cards! Very useful.. 

On the inside is a change pocket!! 
I mention that because my old wallet did not have a place for change
and I'm so excited that i don't have to put 
my change in the bottom of my purse!!!
My iPad case came in this box
I thought it was cute!!
 As you can see it also has hello kitty
all over it
On the inside it has a velour material
 its super soft
but I'm not sure if it will get to hot for my iPad inside that
then inside my bag..
I guess we will find out!!
And last
The earrings!!
 It comes with 3 pairs of hello kitty
and 3 pairs of bows
 I put the bows on.. 
I think there cute and simple

I have some makeup coming from a site that i love
called and i also have some base coming from
Mac cosmetics!! 

I will write about that when i get it.. but it won't be until after christmas
so until then i will write about everything else going on in this crazy place
i call life :)

Until then <3