Saturday, October 2, 2010

Homecoming 2010

We went to the parade
and it was forever long lol
but Drake liked it..

Waiting on the parade...

It finally started

 We had the homecoming queen

                                                        Then we had the cheerleaders
 Then we had a random guy
on a bike

Im not sure what
these girls are...


Then another random kid
on a 4 wheeler
this time

 And i think these girls
are volleyball girls
not sure though

Drake liked it though


 And here we have
the Ford house
with every car
they had on there lot...



And some people selling corsages
and mums 

And more bikes



 And a little dog..
And i think this is
my favorite float!!

 I really want a hound dog!!!

 And more floats...


And now the Halloween float..


Drake was waving at them lol

 I love these cars!!!

And i thought i was really white
then i saw this kid and his group..

And some more 4 wheelers!!

And more volleyball girls

 And a kid in a little car :) lol
 And a dirt bike.. 
 Horses and flags..

Drake liked the horses!
A fire truck
Drake didn't like those to much

And finally 
the last cop car!!

We won though
(i think)