Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Well i haven't wrote in a while and i wont have any pics today.. well maybe later but not in this post lol. So i finally graduated!!! I will have pics up of that later.. then yesterday i went and took my ACT test to get into college.. it was SSOOO hard!!! So i don't know if i did good.. I will find out tomorrow.. Well for graduation my hubby went all out in trying to spoil me and i think its working lol.. he got me a gift card to the sun glass hut and i got to pick some new sunglasses.. So i got some Versace sunglasses (pics of them later too), then we were walking around the mall and Scott said lets go into Victoria secret to see it they have your perfume yet (because I had to turn the bottle sideways to spray mine lol) so we went in and they didn't have mine and we were looking around and i found a scent i like so i was just going to get the body spray and Scott told me to get the spray and the perfume.. so i did lol.. Then Scott said "don't you need makeup?" (and he only knew that because it was on the shopping list lol) and i told him "yeah" and he told me to get it there so i got new base,powder, 2 eye shadows, and eyeliner.. Well then i got a super cute case for my phone and Yesterday i was going to go buy a new purse after i got finished with my test and i went everywhere to look and didn't fine one so i came home and Scott told me that we were going to go find me a laptop for when i start school.. Well that's what I'm writing on now.. I love it!! I'm super excited about getting my phone case in and getting started in school to get my laptop broke in.. OK I'm done bragging on my hubby spoiling me lol.. pics later..